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A memorable trip

Người bí ẩn
Người bí ẩn

Tổng số bài gửi : 711
Age : 25
Đến từ : MK
Nghề : Học sinh
Trường : Minh Khai
Registration date : 22/08/2007

A memorable trip

Bài gửi by happyboy1992 on 7/12/2007, 7:32 pm

I still remember that time when I was in grade 8. That was the end of the second semester. I had a trip to Phan Thiet with my school. The trip was wonderful, but I regretted not to take a lot of pictures.
The final exams had been over before the trip started. So I felt so excited because I had nothing to worry about and the trip was expected to be fun. I prepared many things: a towel, a cap, a bottle of water and some food. That's a reason why my bag was heavy and uncomfortable. After everything was prepared, I got ready to set out for the trip.
In the early morning, my mother gave me the ride to school. There I met all my friend- not all of them. Some stayed home to relax after studying hard. People all were excited before the trip. The bus started at about 6 A.M. We would stay in Phan Thiet for a week. During that time, it was great for us to play games together on the beach. There were lots of games and I laughed a lot when I played with my friends. I thought that winning or losing wasn't important. The important thing that I had fun there. I did't sleep all nights I stayed there, and so did my friends. Despite the teachers' discipline, we played all night. we were tired the day after. We headed back to the school after having a wonderful vacation.
The trip was over, so I was little sad. That was the first time I lived far away from my home. Beside, the trip made me realise how important the friendship is.

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