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Learning English well ^^

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Learning English well ^^

Bài gửi by conan on 2/1/2008, 6:48 pm

1.What are two positive points and two negative points of each of these stages of life.

_Child has two positive points that are they usually do something like
adults and want to become a grown-up. Two negative points that are they
don’t more think effect before do anything, they can’t discriminate
what is right and what is wrong.
_Teenager has two positive points that are they want to show their
aptitude and they can know how they can be better. Two negative points
that are they don’t have lot experiences in life and easy sensitive
about something wrong.
_Adult has two positive points that are they care much about their
family, their job…and work hard to earn money for happy life. Besides,
they can do something to break the rules to earn a lot money and don’t
care the interests of other persons.

2. What types of movies don’t like? Why?
_I don’t like love movies of Viet Nam. Because moviemaker didn’t
invest many creative scene, actor and actress had a lot clumsy
expression. Many events of love movies the same as other love movies
that make me feel sad and despondent. I am watching many movies love of
Viet Nam in Television. Having some more improvement but that can’t
attract a lot viewer. Technology make film of Viet Nam is not good that
is a reason I don’t like love movies of Viet Nam.

3. Discuss TV and it has negative effects on the Viewers.
_Television is important invention of human. It helps me know about
events in the world or information necessary for our life. It’s very
interesting when I stay at home but I can travel many famous places,
Newyorks, Chine, England… and many beautiful sea or deserts ,
waterfall… which is necessary for our life. After we work hard we can
relax by the way of watching movies on Television. But, it have many
harmful problem. When children watch action movies or love movies they
will practice. They will have action like in movies that is not good
for them. Example, they can buy gun and kill person who they hate, and
kiss their boy friends or girl friends…That is very terrible. And if we
usually watch TV we have not time to do anything such as homework. TV
is very useful if we watch TV on time.

4.”A fool and his money are soon parted”._Every people has his
or her own way of saying things, his or her own special expression.
These are the living speech of people. Money is important in our life.
”A fool and his money are soon parted” -that is a good proverb which
help us understand more about the way to spend money. It’s not simple
to have a lot money and we have to think twice before spending money.
In my opinion, the direct meaning of this proverb is that a fool can’t
save money for a long time and the indirect meaning is that when we
spend money, we have to plan carefully so that the money can be spent
most effectively. Example, the fools don’t know to invest most
effectively that is a reason “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

5. What places should you choose for holidays? Explain why?
_The best place I'd like to visit for holiday is my country, Quang Nam
town. In my country, there is Hoi An ancient town, which is on the
banks of Thu Bon river.It’s not so much solemn as Hue old Capital, not
so much exciting as Cho Lon,the traditional features in Hoi An are pure
which attract those souls that enjoy the past romance that is the
important reason which make me like being back my hometown in summer
holiday. Besides, there is also beautiful beach and green. I can swim
on hot summer day or along the coast that are very interesting.

6. What makes friendship last long?
_In my opinion,
friendship is not bought money which is important problem of our life.
Someone asked me “What makes friendship last long? “ and I answer them
we have to usually care and help our friend when they have got many
problems. We have deeply-felt words and necessary admonition when our
friend does something wrong. Being a good friend is very difficult and
making friendship last long is more difficult. I have a good proverb
that is “ a friend in deed is a friend indeed”.

7. If you could do any job in the world for one day what would it be? Explain.
_If I could do any job in the world for one day I would be a good
teacher. In my opinion, teaching is not only a job but also career.
Good teachers are necessary for the society in training students to
become good citizens. The Society wouldn't develop if we have no
knowledge. Knowledge is invaluable and can be passed on by teachers.
Besides, teaching about knowledge need attend to teach about the way
become a good persons I have many reason to become a teacher. One of
them is that I want to make a valuable contribution to my country.

8. If you could be the current world champion in the any sport, which sport would it be?
_ If I could be the current world champion in the any sport I would be
a champion of chine chess. I loved playing chess when I was young.
Playing chess help me thinking quickly and keep calm when I meet
difficult in my life. After I hard study at university, sometime I play
chine chess with my teacher or old friend in internet and sometime I
lose my teacher but I usually win my old friend that is very
interesting. Finish a chine chess with other player, I can guess some
personality of player. That is the most important reason I would be a
champion of chine chess if If I could be the current world champion in
the any sport.

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