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Harmonica Harping Midi Player

Người bí ẩn
Người bí ẩn

Tổng số bài gửi : 711
Age : 25
Đến từ : MK
Nghề : Học sinh
Trường : Minh Khai
Registration date : 22/08/2007

Harmonica Harping Midi Player

Bài gửi by happyboy1992 on 12/8/2011, 6:55 am

About Harping Midi

Harping Midi Player interaction is a MIDI file for aspiring musicians . originally
thought as a tool for learning and practice harmonica, it slowly
becomes naturally a number of roles can be added as interactive piano
keyboard, karaoke text display and a correction function basic editing
such as transposing , track naming, instrument change, note editing ... becomes a more general tool, but still a powerful set of harmonica players related functions .

For the amateur
musician, it is the perfect support for learning to play without having
to know how to read standard music notation, you just look at the bar
and read the notes record shows marketing them in an ally, as slow as
you want, select a section and play around, watch a piano as the keys
were pressed.

For note harmonica
player named can be replaced with the harmonica tablature selected type
(integer or color negative), and adjusted some of the (tunings, and even
you can upload your own tunings), in normal breathing and blowing
notes, bending and overblows , harmonica layout view. You
can also print the fact that the first tab of the forum, you can create
a tab document monitoring and watch it in real time in the lyrics
window, and then save it as a text file if you want, and more.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?6hk408ttrf08jrc

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